Pool and Spa Maintenance
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Description of Maintenance Service Provided


Skim Surface

Empty Baskets as needed

Test Water and make necessary chemical adjustments

Backwash filter system when pressure indicates

Brush when indicated

Check pool sweep and heater if applicable

Repairs under $150.00 will be performed at the time of pool care. Prior authorization will be requested for larger repairs.

We will leave a door-hanger to inform you of what we did and the status of your pool and/or spa.


We cannot guarantee against Green Algae on bi-weekly visits.

We are not responsible for Mustard Algae, Black Algae or Pink Slime (These types of Algae are resistant to normal chlorine additions and require special treatment).

Water to refill pool. A note will be left when water is needed, for the customer to add (we will not be responsible for well pumps or the time required to add water).

Customer is responsible for maintaining the pool between visits.


The Customer will be billed on the first day of the month following service and payment is due upon receipt of the bill.

The bill will include the pool care charge, any chemicals and supplies used, labor for repairs (when needed), and any parts used during the prior month. Chemicals will be billed at 15% discount to pool and spa care clients.

Please call for current maintenance prices.

Accounts over 30 days past due will accrue interest at 21% yearly (1.75% monthly) and pool care will be terminated until the outstanding balance is paid in full. Any and all legal fees required to collect monies will be paid by the pool owner.