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We reccommend that our pool customers who have a loop-loc mesh cover or no cover add chemicals 2-3 times during the winter, depending on when they close the pool. Consult the information below to determine the schedule below. It is also important to keep debris cleaned off your cover to insure an easy spring opening. Keep the water level down below the tile level, so you wont have problems with the tile cracking and falling off.


Under 12K:13K-18K:
November 11 Shock  November 1 1 ½ Shock
January 1    1 Shock + ½ qt Algicide    January 1     1 ½ Shock + ¾ qt Algicide  
March 1       1 Shock        March 1 1 ½ Shock

19K-24K:    25K-30K:
November 12 Shock        November 1  2 ½ Shock
January 1    2 Shock  + 1 Algicide  January 1      2 ½ Shock + 1¼ Algicide    
March 1       2 Shock         March 1        2 ½ Shock                     

31K-36K:    36K-40K:
November 13 Shock November 1  3 ½ Shock
January 1    3 Shock + 1½ Algicide     January 1       3 ½ Shock + 1¾ Algicide   
March 1       3 Shock        March 1          3 ½ Shock                     

****** Please check under cover periodically for water clarity. If you see water starting to cloud, you need to add an additional dose of Winter Shock as soon as possible.   Warmer Temperatures will require additional doses of Winter Shock.        

If you close after September 22, it is recomended that you put  in the chemicals  in January and March.

Keep your pool cover cleaned off and the water level pumped down below the level of the tiles. Call us if you would like us to perform this service for you. We will use our chemicals or if you have the winter shock and algicide, we will use yours.